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(Greg J. Carlson, Attorney at Law)

This notice is to inform you of a development in my career and the future of my law practice.  I recently accepted an offer to join a multinational financial services institution as legal counsel.  For this reason, I will be closing the Law Office of Greg Carlson on June 30, 2020.
I realize that some of you may desire to revise or update your estate plan, or you (or your representative) may need estate or trust administration services in the future.  Unfortunately, with my new position I will no longer be able to provide those services for you.  However, I am happy to assist you in your transition to another attorney.  You may contact me directly through my personal e-mail at if you have questions or will need assistance in this transition.
For my clients who have signed estate planning documents, I have previously delivered to you your signed original documents, and my general practice has been to provide you with copies of those documents (usually placed in a notebook I delivered to you).  I have also maintained an office file for each of my clients.  If you would like me to transfer your office file to you or to another attorney, I will be happy to do so with your written consent.  Otherwise, I will continue to store your file for the shorter of: (a) the period of time stated in the engagement letter executed at the start of my legal services for you, or (b) seven (7) years from the date of this letter.  Please contact me directly through my personal e-mail at if you would like to arrange for me to deliver your file to you, or to another attorney.
For those of you who were previously or are currently clients of my father, Daryl H. Carlson, I have returned your files to him now that he has returned from his mission and has resumed his law practice.
As of June 15, 2020, I am no longer carrying professional liability insurance. 
This new opportunity for me is consistent with my personal goals.  However, the needs of my past and present clients are also of great importance to me.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Greg J. Carlson 
Attorney at Law